Developer Rig to Hosted Testing?

I have an extension that is built and working in the developer rig but whenever I upload the assets and move it to hosted testing and add it to my stream it shows up as a blank, clear box. Does anyone know why this is happening? I think it might have to do with my “Video - Component Viewer Path” as I am not sure what to put here.


If you have a blank clear box. It sounds like you either.

  • got a 404, as your zip file contains a folder of files instead of the files
  • uses absolute links to css/js files for your extension
  • tried to use Javascript or CSS from a CDN which is not allowed.

Refer to the chrome inspector/other web inspector for errors/warnings.

In most cases Video - Component Viewer Path should be set to the same as Video - Fullscreen Viewer Path

Each view, has it’s own HTML file setting path. You will need to set the path for each view type

This would suggest you have ticked to enable “Video - Component” and didn’t provide a path to a HTML file to load.

Thanks for the info!

From looking at the console in chrome it is throwing this “Failed to execute ‘postMessage’ on ‘DOMWindow’: The target origin provided (’’) does not match the recipient window’s origin (’’).” any idea on why that would be?

I am basically trying to embed a window through my html file.

Also for the Video - Component Viewer Path, how should that look. Like “…/video_component.html” ? I ask because of the relative path part. Should it have the “…” ?

That is a unrelated message

You should enter the path to the html files as zipped up in your zip file

CSS/JS should be linked

<link href="path/to/file.css" />


<link href="/path/to/file.css" />

That’s what I mean by relative

Extenion files are uploaded to

Hence the need to use relative URLs to CSS/JS

If I am trying to embed another webpage, like a tweet or timeline from Twitter’s embedding platform, is this allowed? or would that be considered using a CDN?

Yes as to embed a Twitter tweet requires the use of Twitter’s JS file to do it which is on Twitter’s CDN

Gotcha. So then how does the extension “Twitter Timeline” by Flighty work? Would it have to be done with a fully custom extension using AJAX or something similar to retrieve tweets and such?

They didn’t embed the Tweet.

They follow Twitters rules for displaying Tweets when not using Embeds