Developper Rig keeps failing on Create or Add project


I want to build an extention using the Developper Rig since it’s supposed to be easier.
The problem is that I can’t create a blank projet within the app neither can Ioad an existing and versionned blank extension previously created on the twitch web portal.

I keep getting the same error that the name is already taken. (I got frustrated and even put some UUIDs)

I sort of manage to direct dowloand some random HTML via the web portal but it is not managable for the project I have in mind.

EDIT : It appears DevRig can’t acces Twitch APIs… still investigate.

The developer rig is deprecated and should no longer be used

That explain a lot of things ! Fault on the outdated tutorials I found.

It’s confusing now to find accurate documentation for a typical workflow or requirement for dev.
I’ll search from the post you linked and your github I guess. Thank’s you !

An extension is just a website.
The website lives in an iFrame on a Twitch page.
You need to only include a single external JS file and invoke a single callback.

Then from there an extension is literally just a website.

So the development workflow? The same as a “regular” website really

That’s what I start to figure out. I got confuse somewhere in the process.
Thank’s for that quick response !