Difficult to search for game titles on twitch!

Why is the website itself so poorly designed??? its very hard to find a twicth stream that’s active for a game i want to watch. When i search for a game a ton of mixed junk comes up with no indication of whats live,whats not live or archived ,the quality of the streams etc. I usually have to go through a bunch of duds till i find something decent or usually settle for a different game since there are no current or live streams available. am i missing something??? i mean cmon, even the main page for the site looks horrible and doesn’t show anything interesting but indie crap or stuff Ive never heard of. they should change to a more familiar layout like youtube. i am only following one group right now and that’s konami bc most huge developers don’t even have streams on twitch. it has a lot of potential but is far from executing it well. is there an alternative to twitch that has the same premise but works better in most or all ways???

This forum is dedicated to development questions, specifically regarding the API and SDK. If you have questions/concerns about the rest of twitch, I would direct them to the help forum. Beyond that, I feel that
a) You’re never going to be able to please everyone.
b) Live-streaming is a service in it’s infancy, and is still extremely young in development.
c) Youtube’s layout changes on average once a month, and you only ever hear bad stuff about it.