Stream will not appear in external API. Shows up on site, however

We’ve tried to resolve this with Twitch support and gotten nowhere, so I’m trying here.

My region runs a stream of all local Smash Bros tournaments with a professional streaming crew, and we’ve been trying to figure out why we’re having trouble getting viewers. I don’t run the stream (the host, Ben, goes by the tag Jamnt0ast) but I work closely with the host and frequently commentate on the stream and support it. I noticed that third party apps and websites never showed us streaming (including one I wrote), so I looked in to more details.

The stream is called BreadNButterGames. We usually stream Super Smash Bros for Wii U, Super Smash Bros Melee, and Project M.

When our tournaments are live, if you make a request to the Twitch API for that game at this URL:
(or at the one for Melee or Project M)

Our stream does not appear in the list for the game we are streaming.

HOWEVER: If you open the Twitch website, and look under the game, you can find the stream (so we are configured right!). But, in the external API, you will not see the stream show up. On websites that use the external API, and apps that use the external API, our stream does not show up. This significantly impacts our viewer base since people can’t find us as easily.

We’ve done some pretty extensive testing at our last four tournaments, No matter what we did, we couldn’t get the stream to consistently appear in the list. One time, after we’d been streaming for about four hours, we stopped and restarted the stream a few times and then it briefly appeared in the JSON output, but was gone later. It’s strange that we’ve gotten it to show up a couple times, but 80%+ of the times we are live and check the external API, we don’t show up.

Twitch support basically suggested deleting our account (losing all our followers, branding, etc) and creating a new one. I’m hoping someone will actually be able to help us fix a Twitch bug here.

Can you update this thread next time the channel is live so we can test? The directory uses the same API so it shouldn’t make a difference.

The site directory uses v3 of kraken/streams/?game=GAME to populate it’s streams, so if you don’t appear in Kraken, you shouldn’t appear on the site at all, and vice versa. That said, caching issues are not unheard of, so this may be a symptom of a larger problem…

Like george said, I’d really need to see this issue live to provide any more information. I recommend joining the IRC channel (#twitch-api on and pinging me (fugiman) when it happens next.

It’s not a scheduled tournament, but we are streaming live right now on BreadNButterGames. Started at 7:15, it is currently 7:45. It shows up in the Twitch iOS app, but is not in the JSON API (did a search for “bread”), and does not show up in my app.

I was able to find the stream using the following search API call, I added an extra letter just to limit down the number of responses:

I even tested searching for the stream in my personal application and was able to find it using:

Also, calling the actual stream using the following API call worked:

Using the URL you originally provided I was able to find your stream as the 38th stream listed. Note however that I had to use the offset parameter with a value of 25 since the default list only returns the first 25 streams and at this moment there are 57 streams of Super Smash Bros. Your stream is there, it just wasn’t one of the first 25 streams in the list.

For reference here is the API call that let me find your stream:

You could always use the limit parameter to find all streams, assuming there aren’t more than 100:

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