Discord bot to detect drop of another channel?

Is it possible to use Twitch’s API with a Discord bot to create notifications of when another streamer’s twitch drop is available?

For example; I want a bot in my server to notify a group/role when a twitch drop has become claimable on an esports stream channel like UMG. I do not have access to the credentials of that stream channel, I just want to collect the data for when the drop is available to claim.

Thanks in advance

There are no API’s to provide drop information.

Understood, thanks for your quick reply!

The general idea with drops is you are rewarded for performing the relevant actions.

Be that watching the stream, or hitting the “claim” button for event based drops.

Theres no API for this since what you want to do would defeat the point of drops

Yeah I figured that’s why it wouldn’t be available, still felt I needed to ask because sometimes people are busy at work or just life in general and don’t have time to be on the stream but really want the drops (few military buddies for example), so it’d be convenient for them to know when something they really like is available so they can take a minute break, claim it, then get back to what they were doing.
Thanks for clarifying anyway.

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