Do I need to add all modirators to channel.shoutout.creatte?

So I want to trigger an event if the brodcaster / modirator create a /shoutout event
According to the docs Channel.Shoutout.Create

I need to make a subscription for all the mods to that channel?
If so all the modirators need to use my app also?

Or am i missing somthing?

broadcaster_user_id: <The broadcaster I want to lissen to>
moderator_user_id: broadcaster_user_id || moderator_user_id

Is it also the same if I want to lissen for an event if someone is shouting me out?

No you subscribe as the moderator whom authenticated/granted the scope.


if I authenticate myself to my client ID
And I want to listen to shoutouts (either direction) to my channel
Then broadcaster_user_id and moderator_user_id will be the same value.

If I want to listen to shoutouts for cohhcarnage
I don’t have get cohhcarnage to grant my clientID access as I am a mod on cohh’s channel

So I will use
broadcaster_user_id as 26610234
moderator_user_id as 15185913

and I’ll recieve shoutouts made by any moderator on/to 26610234


moderator_user_id describes the user that authentcated to your Client ID to grant the scope

This follows that you only need the channel bot’s token as the channel bot will be a moderator.

You do not need to get every mod to authenticate. Just the broadcaster and one mod (which is most cases is likely to be the channel bot, or the broadcaster themself)

Or if using the Websocket transport then moderator_user_id will be whichever moderator has logged into that tool

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