Do new capabilities require actions from creators?

We currently have a released extension and for the next version we consider adding the chat capability to use the extension API instead of IRC.

Now we wonder: What will happen to already installed extensions? Will creators have to re-install, as the capabilities have changed, or does the update silently happen?

We’d rather not add that feature than forcing creators to reinstall the extension…

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Last time I did this (enable chat between an old and new version) it was a silent upgrade.

But it doesn’t harm having a permission check in the config view, and/or help documentation on the changes/change log.

So it should be on by default/no streamer action required, it might just surprise people that the extension is suddenly talking, instead of the chat bot.

Thank you for the fast response! That sounds good, but what do you mean with “a permission check”? Like just an option for the creator to not use the feature, or is there a way to manage the capabilities on a creator-level that I haven’t found yet?

Feature flags is a part of the JS help that lets you check what features are enabled via Javascript in a view

Manage Permissions under “My Extensions” - Creator Dashboard


and from my config view, actually doing the checks (in a debuy style)

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Will that be default off as a new permission? That will cause unexpected changes for our users if so.

Version a no chat support
Version b you add chat support

Chat support should be default on on the manage permissions page, no streamer/creator action is required.
Same for bits.

Subscribers will need the streamer to reactivate as an oAuth dialog must be granted/accepted.

To quote myself:

wow, that’s some well hidden UI! Tabs within tabs…

Thanks, that helped a lot :+1:

My Extensions is the usual page for streamers/creators to manage what extensions are active in which slot.

So not that hidden imo.

Slot management yes, but the permissions thing is. Tabs within tabs is a UX no-go…