Documentation on whisper rate limit?

I’m developing a chat bot that will include multiplayer minigames. Ideally, players would send commands to the bot through whispers and the bot would respond through whispers as well, so that the stream channel’s chat doesn’t get cluttered with these messages. Also, this would allow players to hide game inputs from each other until the bot outputs the final result of the game in the stream’s chat (e.g. Rock, Paper, Scissors).

My main concern is the limitations to the rate at which whispers are sent from one bot account. I’m aware of the limit of 100 messages per minute for main chat messages (, but I can’t find any official documentation on whisper rates. The few threads on this forum that talk about this topic are old and the information is contradictory. I’m afraid to test out the whisper rates myself since I may get IP-banned (again) for accidentally going over the limit.

In case there’s no up-to-date documentation on whisper rates, I’d like to know the following:

  • What is the current whisper rate limit for one Twitch account to one other Twitch account?
  • What is the current whisper rate limit for one Twitch account to other Twitch accounts in total?
  • Can my IP or my bot account get banned for trying to find the limits in case no info about the whisper rate limits is available?

Any information and/or suggestions on this topic are much appreciated.

See this response in another thread:

Thanks for the reply.
I understand from this (and other threads) that Twitch tries to discourage developers from using the whisper system at all (for obvious reasons Kappa). It would be convenient for many people if this were officially stated somewhere, so developers would not spend days creating a text RPG for Twitch chat, only to find out afterwards that Twitch does not quite allow this.

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