Does an access token expire?


when I was reading the twitch-API readme @github about authorization, one question appears: see Topic title^^

I was looking for any kind of expiration date/info, but couldn’t find anyting related to it. That information would be helpful.

Maybe you guys can help me out? :wink:


As far as I know the access tokens don’t have an expiry date, and never need to be renewed. However, they can be invalidated if the application requests another token, the application is suspended, or the user de-authorizes your application. (Ex. You request 2 consecutive chat_login tokens, the first will be invalidated.) You can check if a token is invalid by making a request to with the token you’re testing in a header.

ok thank you, that was my first guess because of the lack of an expiry date in the docs.

Thank you for your hint on how to validate an existing token!