Does the Helix "new api" have video upload?

In the docs for the v5 (deprecated) API, there is a page with instructions for video upload.

It warns that the v5 api is deprecated, etc

Twitch API v5 is deprecated and will be removed on 12/31/18. The new Twitch API is live and we are actively adding new functionality to it.

But in the docs for the new API Twitch API | Twitch Developers , I couldn’t find anything about video upload.

Do we still have to use the old api for uploading videos? I’m writing an integration with twitch for a website, and it wouldn’t be nice if we have to change it all in 6 months because we have to use the old api now.

  1. I assume by v6 you mean helix? Which is referred to as “new api” or “helix” not v6 as v6 is a version of kraken, not helix.
  2. Video upload is/was v4 the v that never was…
  3. Video upload is still as documented here:

Ah yeah it was v4 and they wibbled it to v5…

Yes, still via v5/old API

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Thanks for clarifying. Yes, by “v6” I meant the “new api” Helix. I have changed the title to correct this error on my part.

My next question then: will the current video upload api functionality change / be removed in december 2018 as the warning suggests?

We hope that Helix will have feature parity with v5. When it’s time for v5 to go

See also Is Helix gonna be ready? - #12 by theRTC204

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