Due to the new DMCA risks we could desperately use an expansion of the API

We need endpoints for deleting / downloading Clips

Like the endpoint for deleting VODs or Highlights:
DELETE https://api.twitch.tv/kraken/videos/

Uservoice is the appropriate place to submit feature requests https://twitch.uservoice.com/forums/310213-developers

I believe there already are requests for CRUD endpoints for videos/clips, so vote for them if you’d like to see them implemented.

See also

So the whole situation rubs me the wrong way. However, my personal feeling aside, this did remind me of something…
Recently, the entire NCSC got together with European Court of Justice to define a for universal API framework and data standard for legal data: https://www.ncsc.org/services-and-experts/areas-of-expertise/court-statistics/national-open-court-data-standards-nods
TLDR of the link: The purpose was to literally civil and criminal justice more fair by being more timely and transparent database level. There are a lot of good small things in there that are good.

Since DMCA is a big issue for streamers because of both bias and delays in the process, I was wondering could we borrow ideas from these standards to add or modify the api. This way its easier for cases to be disputed or resolved if all the information is there. Would anyone like to discuss “what information should the API or CRUD endpoints include in order to ensure timely processing DMCA takedown”?
P.S. Timely Processing is one type of legal fairness.
P.P.S. I could probably translate the entire NODS standards into layman terms for gamers.

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