Embed Preload setChannel

Hi, first of all sorry for the topic, I can’t find the category : Embed … :frowning:

I want to know if before calling setChannel, we can preload this live channel to avoid the pause player moment + black screen + loading + play with the new channel with a preload system :slight_smile:

Thanks by advence :pray:

Embeds don’t have a “preload” that I’m aware of

When you setChannel it dumps the current connection and starts the new one.

I suppose in theory you could create a new div and a new player
Then kill the old div/player

But that might result in double audio or worse

Yeah I tried to do that with 3 player, making some constructor for each one and destroy it when hitting the next stream button, and some eventListener + mute() play() pause() on the embed, but the display player was lagging when the user touching the volume or making action inside the iframe.

For the moment, I wiil let this little loading time, It’s kind of sad for the UX :frowning:

Like always thanks for the help :pray:

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