Embed Purple Ad Roll a permanent thing? Wasn't this suppose to be a experiment / test?

So I think sometime last year Twitch did a experiment with a Purple Screen on Embeds that looks like this screenshot > https://www.dexerto.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/02/PSoD.jpg

Wasn’t this suppose to be a limit time thing? Why is it still popping up? And why are Twitch embed players not showing Ad “Pods”?

Experiments sometimes go on for extended periods of time, some times they become permanent features. I don’t know the current status of the Purple Screen of Death other than that yes it’s still a thing if you use embeds.

I don’t know for certain why Embeds don’t run ads, but I expect it’s because Twitch can’t control the content of the site in which they are placed, and some ad providers may have specific requirements on where an ad can or can’t be displayed. For example a company may not want a family friendly product being advertised on a porn site just because it has a Twitch embed.

As such if you don’t want to see the PSoD, you should watch on the Twitch site. If you still get the PSoD while on twitch.tv it’s likely because of a browser extension you use to block ads.

Twitch in the past used a 3rd party service to scan websites that are hosting there embeds, I dont know what happened to that, but it was a thing a couple years ago.

And I think if someone embeds a Twitch stream on PORN website thats against the TOS and will be banned from using the embed.

Porn was just an example, there could be any number of other sites that host content that an advertiser may not be willing to have their product/service promoted on, while the site may still be within Twitch’s guidelines for Embed usage.

That was also one guess at why Embeds don’t run ads. Either way, the PSoD seems to be here to stay so if you want to watch off-Twitch (or on-Twitch with some poorly designed ad blockers) then you have to expect it from time to time.

Your example doesn’t hold water because on Twitch Itself, it has tons of Soft Porn, extreme sex chats and many other things that Advertisers wouldnt want there ads on …

You can visit r/livestreamfails and see examples directly from Twitch, with some of the biggest CCV Channels engaging in such content.

I would suggest if you can send a message to the Embed Team Owner, if they want a way to check if a website is at base min is ok to have ADs run,

tell em to check the ads.txt file at the root of domains

so example.com/ads.txt - If they have a ads.txt, it will list what Ad service they use which will most likely be google adsense etc, and they have standards which are similar to Twitch in terms of ads.

Best / easiest solution from my point of view.

To answer the opening question, the purple screen was a permanent addition to the Twitch embed experience. This ads experience may be updated and improved over time as mentioned in the following response.

This initiative is often confused with an experiment that was introduced around the same time with a call-to-action that included a click-through option to see the broadcast on the Twitch website. That initiative is defined on the topic below and concluded in February of last year.

The fact that was ever made permanent honestly hurts Twitch’s reliability in my mind significantly. I work with a company that helps non-profits and charities fundraise and one of the things we did was integrate Twitch into our platform for live streams. Now we are getting the PSoD more and more often even when internally testing in our QA environment (fully qualified domain, SSL, etc.). At this point I’m beginning to question if our idea of running a Twitch based gaming fundraiser to showcase the integration is even a good idea, let alone a case we want to push for our users. We have partners waiting in the wings, but they are expecting us to solve this issue and if there isn’t a solution then it’s not Twitch they or the end users will go to, it will be us. What should we tell them? “This isn’t our problem, it’s Twitch, they want you to go complain individually on their ‘UserVoice’ page to gauge how many people this affects and upsets.”? That seems like a great way to open the door for people to leave. That doesn’t convert them on our side, nor does it convert them to Twitch. Our user base is highly mixed, some will know Twitch, most likely won’t.

What are we supposed to do? Are we just caught in the crossfire as Twitch tries to monetize as much as possible and left to hope you can get something figured out that doesn’t completely kill the user experience?

If you want to avoid the PSoD and stream on Twitch, then your only option is to direct your users to watch directly on your Twitch channel rather than off-platform.

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