Embedded chatroom dosen't support community points

when I watch live on twitch website, it will show community point earnning.
but when I embed chatroom, no matter how long I stay in chatroom, the commnuity points will not increase.
I think it’s a bug on embed chatroom.
can you try figure out?

Channel points aren’t directly related to chat, so having a chat embed or connection to chat via a 3rd party chat client will likely not contribute to you earning channel points. This is not a bug as it’s based on stream viewership rather than presence in chat.

Much like extensions, some features are designed (either intentionally or technical limitations) to only be available directly through the Twitch.tv site

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thanks for your reply.

(but the problem still exists for us…)

Would make more sense that you can have a similar experience as on Twitch.tv just by using the embeds (stream + chat) on your own site, because otherwise what’s even the point of the embeds?

To watch streams and use chat. Maybe one day Twitch will add all the bells and whistles on to the embeds, but right now those embeds are doing exactly what they’re designed for.

Also embeds not supporting points makes it harder for sites to try to abuse the system by just spamming loads of players on a single page in the hopes to farm points on dozens of channels.

If you have such a reduced experience on the embeds compared to watching on Twitch.tv, then watching through the embeds is useless really.

The restricted embeds will basically limit them to simple usage like social media embedding only, and if you actually want to create a separate and special off-site experience, you’re out of luck because the experience will be so limited.

There are plenty of legitimate sites who use the embeds for a full viewing experience, like multi-stream sites, collaborative-watching sites, team sites etc.
It’s a shame if the user has to be punished for watching through those sites.

As for the “abuse”, if there really was proven to be such a mass spread abuse, it would be pretty simple to restrict the accumulation to X channels at a time. I can think of a handful other, much easier, ways to “abuse” the system besides embedding.

Well if you consider this to be such a detriment, request the feature through the proper methods: https://twitch.uservoice.com/

At the end of the day, there will always be reduced functionality off-site, it’s just the nature of things and is nothing new, and is something everyone should be well aware of when using embeds that not everything will be available to them but the core functionality and use of the embeds (to watch streams and interact with chat) will still remain. If that’s not sufficient for your needs, make the suggestion on the suggestion site and prove that there’s sufficient demand for it.

My colleague noticed that embedded chat websocket subscribed community-points-user,
but looks fail on it, (repeat over 3 times.)
most messages via websocket are same on twitch site.

guess it’s work but server limited.

That topic as far as I know is used for messaging out to users. For store item changes and if you are awarded a bonus chest to click on.

Twitch PubSub, which is what you have observed here, is just for messages from Twitch to a user, it’s nothing to do with the points scoring system.

TLDR: What you found doesn’t do what you think it does.

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