Embedded video player shows pre-rolls but not Twitch.tv


I’m working on embedding the Twitch iframe on my website and I noticed a few behaviors:

  1. When it first loads you get a “Catch AmazonMusic after this ad break” message at the top left of the stream, and instead of ads you see a “Preparing your stream” animated graphic where the stream should be.
  2. This “Preparing your stream” animated graphic takes about 15 seconds each time. This happens every time I refresh the page, and occasionally happens when I navigate to a different browser tab and come back.
  3. When I go to Twitch.tv I don’t see this pre-roll at all.

I was wondering if these are just default behaviors of the iframe or whether there are ways to configure this. It’s a suboptimal experience, specially for #2.

Thank you!


there is not.

Essentially at time of writing it seems that embeds show these “twitch ads” instead of proper ads.

There are no configuration options available to you to change the behaviour of the embed

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