End the Whisper Myth :)

I’ve been through a lot of topics, and wow what a story :slight_smile:


All closed but not did not find a clear answer. Is it possible, one way or another, at this date (01 August 2016) a way to intercept messages in a whisp ?

sockets ? irc chatgroup ? API ?

It’s a BOT, I can already send a whisper to a user by sending /w command on the irc channel and I’d like to intercept user messages in the whisp, so the bot can reply back.

If someone can end the myth, so we can all go back torturing pokemons, that would be great :wink:

Thanks guys, hello from France !

Send CAP REQ :twitch.tv/commands over IRC and receive you’ll receive whispers in this format:

:twitch_username!twitch_username@twitch_username.tmi.twitch.tv WHISPER your_name :message

Keep in mind most IRC frameworks don’t natively support a WHISPER command so you may have to parse the raw lines sent by the server.

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Thanks man, it worked :slight_smile:

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