Endpoint hangs. Might be blocked

Our production boxes seem to hang indefinitely when making API calls or authing with oauth. It works fine in Development. Is there any way I can check if a certain IP is blocked?

The same thing is currently happening to my project.
I can make API calls locally without problems, but as soon as I do the same on my webserver, the API calls hangs. It worked fine a few hours ago.

Phew. Always a relief when you’re not the only one. We’ve had to disable Twitch login and actions in our app.

I hope it gets fixed (whatever it is) rather quickly. My website is 100% based on API calls to Twitch!

Edit #1: The json data fetched is 100% empty.

Edit #2: Based on my database logs, it seems to have started somewhere around 08:49:56 GMT.

Edit #3: API calls seems to work sporadically, but most of the time it just hangs.

Mine hangs for all of my boxes 100% of the time. A box in the same data center (though differetnt IP) which has never done twitch calls seems to be blocked too.

…and now it’s working. Anyone from Twitch.tv awake at this hour?

Yep. Suddenly working again :slight_smile:

It seems quicker. Perhaps that’s just the relief talking…

We were doing network maintenance around this time, and as a result some users had trouble accessing various parts of our site. As you notice everything should be fine again.

This might explain the HTTPS issues I was seeing this morning.