Enhanced Experiences Deprecation

The Enhanced Experiences API (also known as E2) was built for game developers to provide event-based Drops for participating broadcasters as well as automatically tagging streams with information related to the game. Due to interest falling short of expectations and the level of complexity to deliver these experiences, Enhanced Experiences has been decommissioned as of today, April 12, 2022.

Who is affected by this change?

All game developers added to the pilot program or have considered implementing Enhance Experiences functionality in their game are affected by this deprecation. We have informed all developers currently using E2 of this deprecation and the decommission date. Minutes watched based Drops are not affected by this change.

Will entitlements data for previous E2 campaigns remain available?

No changes will be made to the entitlement service or its data.

Will there be a replacement or migration path for event-based Drops?

We do not have plans at this time for a replacement. Event-based Drops are being disabled, but Twitch is still looking at the future to provide rewards-based services including Drops.