We're "Dropping" a new update to Drops Campaign Management

Sorry for making the irresistible pun, but we are excited to announce some new updates to help you manage Twitch Drops. Twitch Drops enables game developers to reward viewers with in-game items on for watching streams on Twitch. In this new update, we’ve streamlined the campaign management interface for Drops, making it easier for your community management or marketing support teams to set up Drop events for viewers.


  • The Campaign Overview page table has been updated to make it easy to navigate hundreds of campaigns, including the ability to search for a specific campaign name or ID.
  • Items are now Rewards, and a new Reward Manager interface lets you see items quickly at a glance and edit them in context.
  • Within a drop campaign, you can manage rewards for this campaign, adding and removing them from your reward manager. Or, you can add rewards in-line without having to do so within the reward manager.

Coming Soon to Twitch Drops

These foundational changes enable new features to Drops that will make distributing rewards easier and more engaging for your community on Twitch. Here’s a preview of these updates coming later this summer:

Game Event based Drops, powered by the Enhanced Experiences API. At TwitchCon Developer Camp 2019, we showcased the Enhanced Experiences (E2) API, which enables game developers to use state data from their game to power a constellation of experiences on Twitch. Now, Twitch Drops developers can use the E2 API to power Drops that will trigger based on real-time events that happen in game. We’ll be providing more information on the E2 API, expanding its access to more developers, and documentation on its capabilities in the coming months.

Mission-Based Conditions. We are building a new rules engine that will support new types of drop conditions, called Missions, including rewarding viewers when a series of game events occur, or when a viewer has been watching for a certain amount of time.

Entitlements API and Browser. Soon, developers will have access to a new API that will provide them the specific users they should entitle a Drop reward, eliminating the need to sift through large amounts of information to find users who satisfied the conditions necessary to earn the reward. This API will read from the new rules engine that monitors which viewers are entitled to your in-game content. On the Developer Console, you can view all of the entitlements granted, and even have some tools to debug and support your Drops campaign.

These changes underscore our commitment to making solutions that help you grow your communities on Twitch, and we can’t wait to share more details soon. If you have any feedback for us, please add reply to this post or send us feedback on Uservoice.

Happy Building!