Ext prototype questions

I prototyped new ext today to standard way in which we recieve info about streamer. And have some questions.


  1. I need to provide privacy policy for this ext?
  2. Requisites allowed as plain text(not links)? Also I want to clarify my previous question if donation links in config as example not allowed, requisites as plain text allowed?
  3. Can i use twitch emotes(in BIO and Requisites)? Emotes - twitch intellectual property as i understand. I can provide info icon(question in round) on every “screen” of ext on hover show text like “Emotes are intellectual property of twitch. All rights reserved. All trademarks are property of their respective owners”? Or in another place or in another form?
  4. Links on youtube channels allowed? Because youtube also provide streaming functionality but as i understand its not directly compete with Twitch, youtube not streaming service? Am i right or not?

Extensions that provide social media are allowed, provided the core functionality of the extension does not link offsite or offer features that directly compete with Twitch/Amazon functionality and features, and it is reasonably aware to users that they could be participating on social media through the extension.





P.S. I have read the policies billion times but it is better to ask before investing time.