Extension Chat Message Questions

(1) Is it possible to change the default puzzle icon shown in chat to the extension’s icon?

(2) Is it possible to highlight the username in chat like when someone @username or add any commands like /me to change the color etc?

(3) StreamElements has partner and moderator badges in chat. Is that because Twitch made them partners then the broadcaster added them as a moderator per requirement to use their chat messager and have the ability to post streamer emotes?

(4) I noticed on a broadcaster’s stream who’s using my extension that the PartyPopper emote that is sent by PubSub chat message doesn’t convert to image but just shows as the words. It shows as an image in other broadcasters’ streams using my extension in the same browser and OS. Also I typed PartyPopper in their chat and it shows as an image. I’m not sure what’s going on there.

  1. There currently is no way to change the extension chat badge.
  2. This is currently not available for extension chat clients
  3. No they are not partners, they just have a verified account with the badge added to it (Partner get that badge by default, but its not exclusive to them). And yes they have the moderator badge because the broadcaster modded them on the channel and they can use the channels emotes bcs they are subs on that channel. either by someone gifting it to them or the broadcaster using on of their free subs for the bot
  4. That is another limitation to the extension chat client iirc. emotes dont rly work (not sure on that one)

I believe if you use Channel Subscriber emotes it will work in the channel that it belongs to.

So cohhcarnage emotes will work in cohhcarnage’s channel and sacriel emotes will work in sacriels. but I can’t extension chat cohh emotes in sacriel’s channel…

Thanks for the info and confirmation @Syzuna.

A chat bot is a way to avoid having the default extension’s chat badge correct?

A chat bot is NOT extension chat… and thus the user account you are using for your “bot” will have access to chat badges. But you won’t be able to upload a custom icon to use

I understand that a chat bot is NOT extension chat. I am pointing out there is “a way” to avoid using the extension chat badge, which was ultimately the point of my initial question, and to offer this as a “hack” solution for others not wanting the puzzle icon.