Extension for Game Mods List

Just tossing this idea out there into dev limbo to see if anybody would/could develop something like this:

A List of what the streamer has loaded for mods in their game available to click by the viewer.
We typically have a !mods command for chatters if their interested in what mods we have loaded, for example Fallout 4. The link then sends the viewer to a webpage with the list of the streamers loaded mods.
What I am suggesting is being able to take the viewer directly to the actual mod posted for example on nexusmods rather than a separate page list.
Again, just an idea. nothing more.

Interesting, but I think it’s against the rules to redirect users to other sites, if the source is an extension

I don’t think this is a violation, it’s similar to a music info extension that links to the tracks offsite. Should be fine as long as the viewer isn’t incentivized to click the links, and the links don’t take viewers to a paid good/service. And it’d have to be a panel, since you can’t have links in overlays.

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