Off-site links in overlay extensions

I’m working on an overlay extension to make combat in Runescape more easy to follow for viewers. One of the features is a little info box that can be opened to read more about a certain ability in-game. In this particular case i would like to add a link to the full wiki article about this ability. However, the documentation states: “Video-overlay extensions may not contain links of any kind.” This seems very harsh and would be detrimental to my extension.
Besides for functionality this also also means that i would not be allowed to add a credits section in the menus and no link would be allowed for other streamers that might want to install my extension.

All extensions used on the video show a little icon at the bottom of the video. If you hover over that, a link/more details link is provided in the extension, like so:

See if what you want to do is achievable via a panel extension instead, and/or a “partner” panel extension. Shove your links in there. Sadly thats the rules right now!

Do you know of any way to reach twitch staff directly about this? It seems like they put a lot of effort into this whole api, but the terms are conflicting. Ironically it is only used for advertising right now with the extension you showed, which is directly opposite to what they stated extensions should be used for.

This extension is for promoting of TwitchPrime and the subscription token to be used on that channel… Not sure which clause you think thats violating. It’s Twitch’s own extension, I doubt they’d release an extensions that violates their own rules…