Extension Screenshots / Description not Updating

I have updated my extensions description, screenshots, and icon over 3 days ago yet I still do not see it reflected in the extension installation page. Releasing the version did not seem to have any affect as it has been 1 day since it was released. How long does this typically take to update?

Have you moved from local to remote testing since updating those attributes? I saw in another thread that the move from local to remote testing is when they re-package everything and upload it to twitch.

This can be a little confusing. Updating properties of an extension, including description, screenshots, and icon requires a version of that extension to be reviewed/approved and then released. Let me try and say this in a different way, that is hopefully simpler: description, screenshots, and icon should be considered a part of a version of an extension. They are updated when a version is updated.

Expanding upon what @mitch3b said: when you move from local test to remote test all properties associated with the extension at that point in time are put in our CDN. If there is an active version of an extension, updated properties are only applied when a new/update version is released. If you edit properties after submitting an extension for review, another version (or pulling the current version back into local test) is a required action.

Please let me know whether this makes sense!

That does make sense, although it is a bit un-intuitive. I know that I definitely changed the properties before getting reviewed and releasing, however I think I probably changed them when it was on the Hosted Test stage of the release lifecycle and that might explain it.

I suppose I will cut another release and see if that causes the updates to go through.

From an engineering product perspective this does make sense, but from a user interface perspective, it is not clear. Given that I can upload screenshots on a page that is entirely separate from the other parts of my version release, I had assumed they were not hard locked. I put up a terrible image for review not understanding that I would need another release to get an updated image to appear, so I’ll need to wait until I package and send for review my new version in order to get the screenshot updated.

Rest assured, this will change! :wink: