Extension status stuck on approved

Hey everyone,

around ~3 hours ago when I was checking my twitch dev dashboard I noticed my extension updated to approved, so I went to release it and upon hitting the button the page just refreshes and does nothing. Users are able to see the extension on my channel but it can’t be installed. Not sure if this is normal or not but I’m posting this just incase.

Same thing here

Same issue here. I also can’t update my screen shots (new ones appear on the backend, but don’t update in the storefront).

This is all normal under the current Dashboard version.

Pressing the release button will:

  • Make it visible to everyone who visits a channel that has the Extension installed
  • Can be installed by anyone (provided you did not supply a broadcaster whitelist)
  • Send a “Extension Released” confirmation email to the Extension’s author email address

If you cannot see your Extension available for download, it is likely because you have a broadcaster whitelist (found in Access tab of your Extension). To change this so all broadcaster may install your Extension on their channel you will have to create a new version of your Extension, going through all the steps again (edit Extension details > upload assets > move to hosted test > mark in review > wait for approval > release).

In fact, for any changes to be visible, including updated screenshots, description, etc, you will have to create a new version of the Extension and go through all the steps again.

I think you have misunderstood the problem. The Extension is released insomcuh as it is visible and installable by everyone, however the developer dashboard continues to show as only “approved”. In my case, regarding screenshots, they were uploaded along with the new version and unfortunately did updated when it was released.

Yup, it is really weird but that’s how it is. When you hit “release” the page reloads but there is no change or indication that anything happened within the dashboard. Even the details for that specific version, within the version summary section will remain on “approved.” As for the screenshots, I am fairly certain that they will only be included in the version if:
(A) You uploaded them while the version was in the testing phase.
(B) You uploaded them while the version was not within the testing phase, but later reverted back to testing at some point before submitting for review

When you move to a hosted test, it basically bundles all the extension data together (frontend files, summary, description, screenshots, contact email, etc), and that same bundle is what is used during review, and finally it is that same bundle that will be available for release (assuming it got approved - rejection forces you back to testing so a new bundle is inevitable).

I would consider this “really weird” behaviour a bug. Do you know if there is a better place to report this as a perceived issue beyond this message board? Posting and lurking here the first few days since Extensions came out I saw a lot of official response, but recently it’s been pretty quiet. They’re also non-responsive on Twitter

Let me take a stab at trying to clear things up. In reading this thread, I have been trying to understand whether there is a bug, or whether there is ambiguity about how the lifecycle works. Truth be told, I am still unsure! There appear to be several conflated issues that I would like to try to tease apart.

When an extension is moved to hosted test, all associated assets, including the source bundle, screenshots, the icon, description text, and other configuration are uploaded to Twitch. If you add screenshots, or edit information under settings these will not be updated until another transition is made from local test to hosted test. This required action is currently unclear, and is something that will be addressed.

In regards to the discussion around the release process, I am looking for more information (or possibly a screenshot!!!). After an Extension version has been approved, there is a call to action for the developer to promote it to released. Is what being said, that when the release button is pushed by a developer, the dev site is not updating (even after a page reload), but the Extension version appears in Extension manager for broadcasters on Twitch? Does the dev site status eventually update? What happens to the release button?

Even after releasing a updated version (that released correctly) did not update previous version from the approved status. I still see a release button for the previous version but I don’t want to click that to accidentally disable the new version. Before I released new version the release button did literally nothing and just refreshed the page. First time clicking the release button actually released the extension and I got the confirmation email but it never showed as released in the dashboard.

Hello @rbartlet thanks for checking in on this one. I can confirm that I have the exact same situation as @skill1917 does. My Extension is also a version 0.0.2 (actually, it’s 0.0.3 now, but the same happened at version 0.0.2). If I recall correctly, my version 0.0.1 did not have this issue.

As for screenshots, I am afraid I can’t remember at what stage I uploaded the new ones. It’s very possible I did not upload them at the correct stage outlined above. But, as you say, the UI not clearly explaining this might be the problem here rather than any technical issue.

Screenshots below of how my Extension appears on my dashboard. It is 100% released and publicly available.

That is most certainly not expected. I have contacted the corresponding team, and they are looking into why the status is not updating correctly. I will let you know when I have more information.