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Hi Twitch team,
we’re currently writing a business case for a Twitch extension we plan to make (we spoke to some of you at TwitchCon, some of you may remember the English guys) and we are struggling to find hard data about the current usage of extensions, extensions versus viewers etc. Are you able to provide any of this data to us so we can work on some of our growth plans/hypothesis?

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My public extension has over 100 installs and about 5/10 active streamers on a daily basis, but it is for a niche game (Elite Dangerous) which very very rarely gets a “big streamer” so on a daily bases maybe 2k viewers see my extension.

My private extensions have 1 streamer installed each, and north of 20k viewers seeing/using/interacting daily (as a ball park figure I’ve not done the math, just remembering average viewer counts ish). I’ve not actually run metrics here.

At the end of the day, metrics for individual extensions won’t make much sense since different extensions do different things and different extensions are not gonna be that forthcoming about interaction metrics, (that RPG game is gonna have HUGE interaction scores, but a POE Loot extension will have way way less since it’s just on/off click item for more details etc).

Twitch hasn’t provided any random metrics (or I don’t recall see anything actually worth using for a business case), and this is just a guestimate for my three extensions.

If you are building something for a game, then it’s a matter of determine how long a streamer is gonna play that game and whether that extension adds anything to the experience of the game.

(Finally whilst Twitch staff do float on the forums it’s mostly third party guys like me round here kicks back and puts feet on the coffee table)


Thanks for that information, that is really useful and a nice insight into how things are working practically for developers. I may have a few more questions for you if that is okay? :slight_smile:


Sure :slight_smile: