Which type was activated

our Extension now supports panel, overlay and component.

Now it would be interesting to see a statistic which kind of view the streamers use.
Is there a way to get this information anywhere?

I can not understand what you mean by streamer type, do you mean the number of active channels in relation to each type (panel, overlay and component)?

You can look at extension analytics

Or you can use the extension Javascript helper

to collect and relay this information

In the analytics I dont find this information.
There is just information about number of activations and number of installations. But both for the complete Extension. Not seperated into “number of overlay activations, number of component activations, number of panel activations” what I looking for.

Okay, I can get this Information form the Javascript Helper and send it to our Backend. But before I create a new version which this do, I thought there is maybe a way to get this information from Twitch.