Extension works fine in Native Dev Rig, not at all view Twitch

I built an extension that is working 100% in the Windows Native Dev Rig, and using the new Open in Browser functionality it works over in Chrome as well, but when I go to Twitch and attempt to install it neither the configuration view nor the panel view work. This is what I can find in the dev console…

Looking in the network trace it looks like it tries to go grab my local config.html(like it should) but fails. If I try to go directly to the config.html I get an error due to no SSL, which I think is the major difference from looking at how “Open in Browser” works. Looks like that is hitting an index.html that then redirects to an http: link to the config.html rather than https:

Any help appreciated, I’m sure I just missed a step due to immediately transitioning to the Native Dev Rig.

Visit “https://localhost:59085” and accept the certificate in Chrome temporarily

On Twitch main website, extensions should be server over SSL to prevent mismatch of SSL/NonSSL

The good news is that I did manage to get my stuff working when hosted by Twitch, so I’m not completely blocked. Still can’t test locally. When I go to https://localhost:59085/ it doesn’t look like it is actually serving the cert up. I’ve verified it is installed in my Trusted Publishers, but I get this in Chrome:


Someone posted somewhere (I forget if it was on the Discord or on the forums) that the latest dev rig doesn’t host rig files over ssl anymore to skip this issue. As it’s too much of a hassle for people to get started with extension development.

So try over not SSL, or setup something more useful to work with for your setup as per your own flavour of SSL choice

Good to know, and I’ll look into it. The big snag is when you want to test your local work in Twitch proper. If the direction folks are getting shunted is toward the Native Dev Rig the Twitch and it isn’t hosting over SSL, should the developer site be updated to remove verbiage suggesting that you can preview and test local hosted work via Twitch, or point to a document explaining a way to get that set up for users?

We’re working on a version of the rig right now to make this more clear for folks. Should be in the next update. Sorry for any confusion!

Glad to hear that and will definitely check it out when the update drops! :slight_smile: