Feasibility of User Controlled Microscope Stream Extension

Hello everybody,

I invented an interactive educational exhibit called the Micro Safari. It examines the microscopic world of compost, illuminating an entire universe of species that exists in a space smaller than the palm of your hand.

Here is a 3 minute video that explains the exhibit:

Although I originally designed this exhibit for museum use, it occurred to me that I could make a Twitch stream of the microscope output. In the museum, visitors control the microscope using a joystick. But I am wondering if it is possible to make a twitch extension that allows viewers to control the microscope joystick communally, sort of like twitch plays pokemon, but by using directional arrows overlaid on the stream, rather than typing commands thru chat.

I know from the electronics/hardware side I can do this, I am just unclear on if I can do this on the Twitch side of things.

Thanks for your input!

Basically yes.

You can have an extension (a webpage on Twitch) that will relay a message up to your EBS/Server and that then sends the control commands to whatever controls the microscope

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Thank you for your response! Any indication of what amount of latency would be expected?


What you describe is similar to an extension I run where data is captured from a game and sent to my ebs then sent to Twitch.

What you are after is the other way round/bi directional. So should be minimal

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