Few Questions on new API

Good Afternoon,

I’m planning a major overhaul for my application and looking to migrate to helix as part of the process. A few things have come up:

  1. When searching videos, it is possible to filter the request by type but there is no corresponding field in the JSON response. It would be very helpful to have this field present in the response.

  2. In v5 there was a reference to a broadcast ID in a video object. This field is missing in the new api object. I tested to see if the generic ID field for a video matched the current stream object for an ongoing broadcast and they have different IDs. Is there a way to correlate videos back to streams if they are of the archive type? It would be hugely useful.

  3. (I know this was mentioned in another thread) The ability to see how many followers a channel has in the streams objects would be amazing. For my purposes, understanding follower delta during a broadcast is almost as important as concurrent viewers.

I look forward to seeing some updates!


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