Few questions; Preparing for review, links and analytics

Hello everyone!, I’ve read some threads in the forum but I still have some questions:

1- I’m about to send my extension for review, I’ll be “streaming” just a static image since the extension needs the stream to be on. I installed the extension in my channel and I’m able to use it when I’m logged in but when I try to use it from another browser (as guest) the extension doesn’t shows up. Is this normal because I’m on a hosted environment? If not, what am I doing wrong?

1.1 - Where do I find my account id btw?

2- The Content Policies says “Video-overlay extensions may not contain links of any kind.” What about just the site’s name? like: [logo] example.com

3- Is it possible to add Google Analytics to the extension? It will ever work?

Thank you guys for your time

1: Yes, that is normal because the extension is not published / public yet. All extension version states other than “released” can only be seen by a) the creator and b) users listed in the “test accounts/channels” setting on your extension dashboard.

1.1: Either fetch it from the API or fetch it from the browser traffic - there might be easier ways, but that’s how I always do it, and I’m already pretty lazy :wink:

2: If it’s only the logo without any linking to the site, it should be OK, just layout it properly so it doesn’t turn people off

3: Personally, I hope not.

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1- But will Twitch’s staff be able to use it / review it then? I’m not sure about how they do this.

1.1- Yeah, I’m pretty lazy too, that was what I thought too.

Thanks for your answer Hellcat!

Yes, staff will be able to see and test your extension - or at least they didn’t have any problems doing so in the past :slight_smile:

I guess they have some “QA flag” on their accounts and can just see all extension, no matter the state.

We see all :eye:

No need to worry about that.

:eyes: Thank you guys for your answers, much appreciated!