Field type and length

Hello everyone,

I’m looking for some informations about twitch’s data format returned by its API. The only information I was able to retreive was this post : Max length for user names and display names

Is there any page or reference to describe the format of each field ? I’m currently tuning some of my applications, and I don’t really want to provide too short/long fields “just in case”.

Thanks in advance


The only known limitatation is that user logins are still max length 25
Display names can in theory be longer in length (since they can use non latin characters and how your system counts will depend on your system)
ID’s for things will just grow, whether thay be numeric ID’s (video ID) or string ID’s (user ID’s are strings)

Most other things people don’t store/refetch from the API, just cache so a rolling cache is gonna roll anyway.

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