Max length for user names and display names

While researching the maximum length of a Twitch user name, I found a reddit post asking the same question. There, user Itaku said the user name has to be 4 to 25 characters in length.

Here are my questions:

  1. Can someone here confirm that this is (still) true?
  2. Could we get this in one of the official docs?
  3. What’s the length limitation on display names? Also 25?



Not sure why it needs to be documented. There’s no API for creating accounts, and it could change any time. And whilst registering accounts for users is limited to 4->25, there are known 2/3 character accounts that exist.

I believe that is correct yes.

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Thanks Barry!

As to your question why it needs to be documented: why not? The linked reddit post and my question here are already two instances of people seeking out this information.

Two more constructive/practical examples:

  • When working with low-level languages, it can be useful to know such limits so that you don’t end up allocating way too much memory for such strings “just in case”.
  • When working with fixed-width fonts (for example, when writing console applications), aligning/padding user/display names and chat messages can require knowing what the longest possible name is.
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