Filters API endpoint

It has been quite some time again since the filters have been added to Twitch, however, I cannot find an API endpoint anywhere.
Switching between games causes the streamer to remove/add so much tags which makes it very annoying to use, and easily forgotten. This is why I wanted to create a command to set tags as a moderator, but there seems to be no API endpoint.

I assume there will be an API endpoint created for this, but does anyone have an ETA yet? Or an official statement from Twitch when it’ll be released?

You’re correct in that there isn’t currently an endpoint for setting tags. We can hope there may be one day but so far there hasn’t been any official talk about it and it’s not on their developer roadmap or their or 2018 roadmap update post so if it is something they are planning on doing it will likely not be this year.

What you can do though is use their API Feature Request Form and suggest it, as that will at least help them know that there is a demand for such an endpoint.

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