First timer - Getting 'No response from Twitch'

Hi, newbie here.

I’m following the twitch guide on IRC.

Have done everything right so far, but upon running bot.js, I get…

Then I have to Ctrl+C to get out of that, is there anything simple I’m missing? Literally just started this stuff.

Sounds like something is preventing your connection to Twitch
Or the username/password is invalid

if you are following this guide you are using tmi.js then?

Check the contents of identity in opts is correct

Yea, mate.

It seems in order. I’m good to be using the same account for channel AND bot, right?

So you also did

The token to authenticate your chatbot with Twitch’s servers. Generate this with Twitch Chat Password Generator (a Twitch community-driven wrapper around the Twitch API), while logged in to your chatbot account. The token will be an alphanumeric string.

Then in opts the username needs to be the same user name you did the twitchApps loop with.

Yeah all this is done. That was simple enough.

The code comes in format ‘oauth:xxxxxxxxxxxxxx’.

When I use the ‘oauth:’ I get an error that it doesn’t expect the ‘:’.

When I use just the alphanumeric code, I get No response from Twitch…


Opts should be something like:

const opts = {
  identity: {
    username: 'mynamehere',
    password: 'mytokenehere'
  channels: [

Wrapped in speech marks and no 'oauth:` at the start for TMI.js I believe. (I don’t use the library)

Yeah I have all that right, no luck!

Am i connecting to the right port? Port 80?

According to yes

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