No response from Twitch

I wrote a simple bot using tmi.js and it works perfectly till yesterday. It just stops executing commands for some resons.It still can use .say but when it needs to timeout for example it says

[11:46] info: [#nyakawaiiidesu] Executing command: /timeout nyakawaiiiibot 86400 Blocked terms
[11:46] info: [#nyakawaiiidesu] Unrecognized command: /timeout

When I added

.catch((err) => {console.log(err)})

after “Unrecognized command: /timeout” it adds

No response from Twitch.

Is it possible tat I ran short on irc limits? And how to fix it?

Chat commands via chat are deprecated.

Please migrate to the API

This was announced last september and migration paths announced:

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