Follower Notification Link

I use the following link to grab the latest follower:

Now my questions are:

  1. is this the right link to get the most recent follower?
  2. on-stream follower notification is 2 times faster than my chat notification, why is that?
  3. what is the meaning of offset? I don’t quite understand that.
  4. whenever a new follow happens, the link cycles between recent and sometimes shows the follower before the most recent or even before that?
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  1. yes
  2. i still don’t get it. everyone says you should make a request not faster than every 1 minute, but most notifiers work MUCH faster.
  3. it should be used for paging, but if i set my offset to ‘1’ it results in the same follower as offset ‘0’ or whatever value i use.
  4. it always give the latest one for me. problem is when someone unfollows and follows again

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For updated documentation on the follows endpoint, you can check out my API fork (since my pull request has not yet been accepted):