Followers Notification for Streamer?

Ok I have weird issue and weird question perhaps.

I’m using and seems that works sometimes fine but the thing is my second PC where I’m monitoring my stream and chat is usually without sound so I cant hear follower notification and most of the time I’m missing them. Is there a way to get sound on my PC while I’m streaming aswel ? Or atleast chat notification somehow ?

I know that I can add &preview=true command but then I will get “test follower” notification after every stream (once for regular instant follower and then one with delay) start and everytime sound will go twice in a row on live stream ?

So simply how to get my own notification that I got follower while other PC is muted since I dont want my mic to pick up that sound.

Thanks !

Hi there. This forum is dedicated to development questions regarding the twitch API and SDK. You will likely have far better luck if you try posting in the broadcast hardware and software section of the help forum. Since you’re dealing with @Night’s software, you could also try his forums. Also a tip, &preview=true is for testing purposes only to see if the notification is working, and is generally not used at all during a stream.