Friend can't access the new dashboard

My friend is trying to access the new dashboard but it just keeps asking for a Display name. He tried his twitch name and several other names. he is logged into Twitch main site and still didn’t get a prompt to use his twitch account.

Please have your friend try again. If they get into that issue again, they may have to delete cookies due to being stuck in a bad state.

Didn’t do a thing. Still not working.

Can you send me your friend’s twitch username?

I seem to be broken as well.

Login -> Enter display name (George) -> Loops back to Enter display name -> Enters “George” again -> Name is now taken and cannot proceed. Tried another display name that would definitely not be taken but results in same loop.

Twitch Account: George
Display name (hopefully): George

Cache cleared, tried another browser, …

According to this tweet they’re already working on a fix :wink:
“Thanks for the heads up, we’re working on the fix.”

I haven’t seen anything past the login page.

This is what I get:


@VitruxPT, @Alca - Would you all mind trying again then reaching out to me on Twitch, if it fails so I can walk through some troubleshooting.

You as well @george. Sorry it will only let me mention two people at once.

I assume this hasn’t actually been fixed yet, as I ran into the same issue just now

Another fix has been rolled out. It is live.

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Everything is working properly now :slight_smile:

Everything seems to work but I definitely did not get to choose my display name. I don’t even know where it picked that name from. It’s something I used once years ago; strange to see it again. Would be great to have it changed to “Alca.” :ok_hand:

My friend was able to get it working now. Thanks for fixing it.

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