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I’ve been working on an iOS app for the better part of a year, probably longer, for Twitch streamers. I tried running my app on the simulator today, and where I would normally be sent to login, I got this weird Twitch ad thing for their app. I went to the docs, and now if I’m understanding correctly, there’s an entirely new scheme with additional checks requiring a server in order for users to login using Twitch.

I have OAuth implemented in my app. It took me ages to write everything and get it working, but it’s been working for some time now. I tried reading about how to validate using JWK w/ Open Id and Connect Id, and I’m so overwhelmed I don’t even know where to start.

Do I have to throw out all of my code for authorization and making authorized requests using OAuth?

Please if anyone can help, it would greatly be appreciated.

what URL is that?

The new flow is for server-to-server requests. Users are not involved. Implicit code flow is what you need for a server-less login via Twitch.

There’s not been breaking changes to authorization as far as I know.

OIDC is entirely optional. The existing OAuth flows (Auth Code and Implicit Grant) work just the same as they did before. I assume you’re seeing the upsell to the Twitch app, right? You shouldn’t see that on, which is where you send users for the Implicit Grant flow.

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