Game_id from /users?

With the v5 API, I regularly hit the /channels endpoint to get the game that a streamer was previously playing when I do a shoutout. If I get a host notification, that happens automatically if they’re whitelisted. With the new API, there’s no way to get that information unless the person is currently streaming, which is not helpful in the case of a host or raid.

If not /users, then perhaps /videos? Looking at the site, there seems to be an association between VODs and game IDs in the database, but the only endpoint aside from /streams that exposes it is /clips.

This issue is noted in the threads

Currently either check v5 instead, do some magic with the last/most recent VOD for the user/channel or stay tuned to the Roadmap for updates:

Helix should have feature parity with v5 before everything flips over!

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Ah, for some reason when I searched I didn’t find any of those.

Here’s hoping it has feature parity, as that seems like a glaring omission. In the meantime, I can indeed use the v5 /channels endpoint for that one function. Good thing the new bot’s code is modular :slight_smile:

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