Games missing from Dev Portal


I’ve recently requested access to the developer portal to manage the boxart for our games on behalf of our publishing studio. This has been approved, but on the developer portal page, only 2 of the 4 games are listed. All the games are in the GiantBomb database and do show up in the searches on Twitch itself, but I don’t have the option to add or change anything about two of these games because they simply do not show up in the dashboard.

Before requesting access I did also submit our boxart through the submission link, but those haven’t appeared yet either (unless it just takes a lot longer than I expected)

So my question is, how do I get the missing games added to my dashboard? They were part of the original request, but didn’t who up when this was approved.

Greetings, Lost

What are the games that are missing?

The missing games are:
Nadia Was Here
Stereo Aereo

Would sending in a new request for dev access help in this case? Our release date is creeping up and I would like to get this sorted out before then.

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