Listing our games for cover art


I’ve just set up as a dev center account and our games (Dovetail Games) are listed as at that point - i’ve just added a new one (Train Sim World) to GiantBomb and it’s now showing up on the games pick list within Twitch itself - how do I now get this added to my list so I can add cover art?

It says to use a form on this site, but I can’t find the list of forms anywhere :slight_smile:

Apologies if i’m being dense / blind!

Matt Peddlesden

Hey Matt!

I believe you can find what you are looking for here:

Specifically, the last paragraph on that page which references “Box Art” and provides a link to a Google Docs form :slight_smile: This is to gain access to the Twitch Developer portal which allows you the update/manage box art.

Hopefully this is the information you were looking for :slight_smile:


Thanks for the reply - yup that’s the one i’ve already done and I have access to all the previous games that were on the system allocated to Dovetail, but I don’t have the brand new one that I just added after this was done.

I’m assuming there’s another form I need to fill in which will let them know about new games that need to be added to my access - OR - somehow it will happen automatically, but I can’t find any information on that so far.


Hey, @MattPeddlesden

Just to confirm, you have access to the dev portal? Some engineers on my team own the dev portal, so I can ask them directly about this. It’ll be slightly delayed as I’m flying from Austin to San Francisco now. :slight_smile:


Hi DallasNChains

Many thanks and apologies for the delay in responding - yes I do indeed have access to the dev portal, and the other Dovetail games are already in there - it’s just Train Sim World that’s missing.

Thanks very much

Hey, @MattPeddlesden!

We’ve added the game to your account. Can you verify it on the dev portal?


It’s there - that’s awesome thank you.

I’ve just checked and noticed that our other game - “Dovetail Games Flight School” is missing from the list too - could I trouble you to add that one as well?

Is there an official means / process to request this - or is doing it via the forum in this way ok?

Many thanks for your help - now to go chase down that cover art from the art team :slight_smile:


The official way is to submit using the same form as requesting access to the portal. That’s a lot of info for a simple request, so we’re going to make a game modification form to make it easier. In the meantime, my coworker will add the Flight School game after he returns from lunch! :slight_smile:

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