Gather non-live streams from Twitch API

I am trying to use the Twitch API to gather some statistics. I’m particularly interested in the Streams but I’m unsure how to get the “old” streams : are they what is called “playlist” in the documentation ?
Thus, if I use the stream_type parameter with value “all”, will I get every video (stream) ever published on a given channel ?
Thanks in advance, and apologies if that sounds dumb, that is the first time I am using the API…

Streams are for live broadcasts, and we don’t store any historical information in the API. Playlist is if someone is re-broadcasting an existing set of videos. All gives you both playlists and live broadcasts.

You can get past broadcasts (if enabled on the channel and only those not deleted) via /kraken/channels/:channelid/videos?broadcast_type=archive

Thank you very much for your answers. I’ll try your solution 3ventic.

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