Stream endpoint provides stream informations for playlists?

When I query I get this:

	"stream": {
		"_id": 21789539872,
		"game": "Minecraft",
		"viewers": 9,
		"created_at": "2016-06-11T02:37:07Z",
		"video_height": 0,
		"average_fps": 0,
		"delay": 0,
		"is_playlist": true,
		"_links": {
			"self": ""
		"preview": {
			"small": "",
			"medium": "",
			"large": "",
			"template": "{width}x{height}.jpg"
		"channel": {
			"mature": false,
			"status": "Hermitcraft Interior Decor",
			"broadcaster_language": "en",
			"display_name": "zueljin",
			"game": "Minecraft",
			"language": "en",
			"_id": 28809325,
			"name": "zueljin",
			"created_at": "2012-03-08T14:44:24Z",
			"updated_at": "2016-06-11T13:00:47Z",
			"delay": null,
			"logo": "",
			"banner": null,
			"video_banner": null,
			"background": null,
			"profile_banner": "",
			"profile_banner_background_color": "#262626",
			"partner": true,
			"url": "",
			"views": 196872,
			"followers": 37387,
			"_links": {
				"self": "",
				"follows": "",
				"commercial": "",
				"stream_key": "",
				"chat": "",
				"features": "",
				"subscriptions": "",
				"editors": "",
				"teams": "",
				"videos": ""
	"_links": {
		"self": "",
		"channel": ""

I know that this wasn’t the case a few days ago because my bot never tried to host somebody that is using a playlist. So is this a bug or a feature?

If you want to exclude playlists, you can use eg.

More on the stream_type parameter in the documentation.

Are you saying that broadcasting playlists wouldn’t populate the stream object before a few days ago? The stream object gets populated when the broadcast is live or playing a playlist, and we haven’t been making any functionality changes to that API. Do you have responses showing before and after? I’d be interested in those cases.

Ehm, right now I get this response from

	"stream": null,
	"_links": {
		"self": "",
		"channel": ""

And he is currently broadcasting the playlist. And that was the case the whole last year. My bot prioritizes streams to host that have less viewers. With 1 to 3 people watching the playlist he would be always on top of my list and therefor would be hosted once a day. I would have noticed that and fixed it. So one of the two behaviours is not intended.

I’m not seeing the same behavior as you. When I originally responded and now, that channel was broadcasting a playlist and showing as broadcasting a playlist in the API. Are you saying that stream sometimes or always comes through as null when broadcasting a playlist?

Right now it shows a running stream. When I posted the message above it did not. So it is at least not consistant.

This thread has been going on a while, and we’re doing data gathering and research now. Could be related: endpoint unstable

I fixed it in my bot but this behaviour in general must be new because I never hosted him while running a playlist. And over the last maybe 6 or 8 months he was always on my list and he was always broadcasting playlists. And I check the bot logs every day so I would have noticed it for sure.

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