Get bits data without an app or extension

Is it possible to get data from Twitch API about list of bits donation to a specific user without creation of any application or extension ?
I’m looking for something very simple, like what you can do with Tipeee, for exemple if I want to get a list of all donation in Tipeee, I can set a simple HTTP GET request like this:[]=donation
where XXX = secret ID of a user

Then it returns a simple JSON response with all donation data. Is it possible to have an equivalent for Bits in Twitch using lastest Twitch API ? If so how can I create a link to get this ? If not what is the easier way to retrieve this kind of data (I don’t think this is usefull to create an application or extention for this) ?

Thank you in advance for your help and time, and sorry this is my first try with Twith API doc :wink:

No you can’t get bits data through the API without an app, currently the only bits related endpoint is the Bits Leaderboard and that requires the bits:read scope, meaning you need to create an app and have the broadcaster go through your OAuth process to grant you a token to access that endpoint for their channel. All future endpoints relating to bits will also likely require that scope too.

If you want to create a record of cheers as they happen you can either connect to Pubsub and listen to the relevant topic (again requiring an OAuth token, so you can’t do it without creating an app) or by listening to the Cheer events through Twitch Chat. Either way that only gets you events after you start listening, there’s no way through the API to get historic Cheer data.

Also as a side note, Cheers are not donations. Donations have specific legal meaning that effects tax law and stuff which means it’s an important distinction that Cheering bits to a channel is not a donation to them.


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