Game Developer Analytics - Total Bits spent

Hi there! I am using the dev console to look at our twitch statistics, it is very useful!

I would love to be able to see the amount of Twitch bits spent in the console analytics.

I browsed the forum looking for topics on this and I found this which may be telling me how to extract the data. Using the methods here could I work out how many bits have been donated while streamers are playing our game?

My answer in the same thread is still valid

Without permission from the streamer to read bits events, which is needed for PubSub/EventSub as it’s scoped, you’d have to connect to the chat for each streamer playing the game and capture the bits usage from chat itself. Then disconnect from that chat if/when they change games/go offline. (Use get streams filtered by game_id to get those live with the game in question)

However you won’t know if a bits usage event is due to the game being played or the bits user jsut wanting to support the streamer regardless of the game. Which is why it’s not included in the game analytics since it’s not directly game related. (So probably not statistically significant really)

Ah I feared as much. Thank you for your speedy response!

So if I understand correctly, we would need to build an integration or extension that reads chat and records bits whilst streamers are streaming OR make the bit donations a direct integration into that Integration/extension to track it reliably?

Neither you need a chat bot, in order to do it without permission from the streamer.
A pubsub client for if you want to go pubsub with permissions.
A webhook reciever for if you want to go eventsub with permissions.

But I’m not sure why a streamer would grant you permission to read bits events, if you are only collecting it for statistical purposes and not doing something with the events in the game.

See also section VI. Data Policy in the Developer Agreement

A Twitch Extension, the bits would be used in the extension not as a result of the game being streamed. And the bits usage would have to do something in the extension (that extension could then trigger something in the game, Minecraft use bits to spawn a creeper on the player or something like that for example), they generally can’t be a “flat donation”. Which is what is done in chat (essentially). And sure a bits usage in chat could do something “meaningful” in game as well.

See also the Bits AUP

Thank you for your assistance! We do indeed want to do something meaningful like the minecraft example and it looks like an extension may be the best route.

Thank you for the links, I have some reading to do!

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