GET /helix/schedule returns 404 instead of an empty list

Hi, I’m working on a TV-guide-like-app and am checking future stream schedules for multiple broadcasters. I found that broadcasters with NO schedules return a 404 instead of an empty list. I think this is an issue because:

  1. the status code and error message doesn’t differentiate whether there are no scheduled streams, or if the broadcaster_id just doesn’t exist (they both just say “schedule was not found”)
  2. the 404 must be conditionally treated like an error - the request may returns 200 one day, and 404 the next because the broadcaster doesn’t add more scheduled streams

Would this be considered a bug? and could we expected to be fixed in the current API? If not, could the documentation be updated to include that no scheduled streams will return a 404?

Not really a bug per sae

HTTP 404 - JSON message key: “schedule was not found”

The streamer has not set a schedule.
There is no schedule to be found

It’s not technically wrong, but would be considered as an enhancement

Call get users first to see if the user_id is valid/exists/not deleted.

This sounds more like a case for a uservoice rather than a bug report

Edit: this it wasn’t touched/noted on During the beta/close to release. It’s a “breaking change” rather than a “simple fix” as exsiting developers using the endpoint are handling 404

Thank you! Makes sense it’d count as a breaking change. I’ll check out uservoice.

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