Stream search api is returning nothing

seems like this endpoint is broken. it always returns an empty list

is this working for anyone else, or is it just me?

Empty for me as well, seems to be an issue.

thanks for confirming its not just me my man

Works for me, if there was an issue I guess it’s fixed.

works for me now too. guess it just went down for awhile. wish they had somewhere to check to see if endpoints aren’t working


This can be related to similar issue I have encountered now twice within past 2 weeks.
I’m not sure if there is update or something in Twitch endpoint which turns API result to empty HTML code.

I’ve been testing for awhile now an NodeJS based system pulling in time intervals 100 User IDs to check if they’re streaming and updating that as cache in database but there has been really rare occasions at least twice so far that the program has crashed with message about trying to parse tag as JSON.

Not sure if I should create a new topic completely but it seems like these could be somewhat linked together as there is something else returned in data instead of expected JSON.

Here’s image of the last crash(yes there was no try/catch operations used to verifiy if this issue repeated itself and it seems like it did:


Also to be noted this crash happened between 4th and 5th so timezone seems to be matching.
(Edited due wrong dates as Date format in PC was US style)

The 2 issues are unrelated. The case in the original post of stream search returning nothing was correctly formed JSON response, but the streams array was simply empty (so likely something wrong Twitch’s end processing the query).

The example you post on the other hand is the result of getting a HTML response back instead of JSON (hence the error thrown when trying to parse as it’s not valid JSON) I’m not sure Twitch’s exact cause of this but some other API’s it’s due to cloudflare or other caching service for where the source is unavailable. This has been an issue for as long time, but it’s very rare any if you catch the errors and retry failed requests it can usually be ignored.

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