Get Last Subscriber

is there such a method that gives an opportunity to get the last subscriber? Thank you!

Yes, use this API endpoint: Get Channel Subscribers. Use ?direction=asc&limit=1 to get the most recent subscriber. Using direction=asc makes the list appear in most recent first order and limit=1 will make the list only contain 1 entry as that’s likely all you need.


What does it mean to be the most recent subscriber?

This list shows users who most recently created a new subscription to the channel. This could be a user who decided to not renew their subscription and then later manually resubscribed after the previous month’s subscription ended. You may get duplicate users because of tier upgrades. (Sub plan) Because of these things, the created_at property of a subscription may not be accurate or related to their first date of subscription for a user and thus may not line up with their resubscribed for x months resub message.

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